Thursday, March 22, 2012

Websites and Blogging for Writers

From: Michael Dwyer []
Subject: Websites and Blogging for Writers
Websites and Blogging for Writers
The Freelance Marketplace Writers' Group
Meets Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at the Rochester Hills Barnes & Noble Bookstore on Rochester Road just north of M59 at 7:30 p.m.  Our guest will be Sylvia Hubbard from the Motown Writers' Network. Sylvia will talk about the importance of having a website, maintaining a good blog, and easy options for writers.  We meet every month on the third Tuesday (except December) to discuss aspects of the Business of Writing.
New Poetry Group
Nancy Stevens hosts a new writers' group for poets which meets at the Rochester Hills Public Library in Downtown Rochester.  Currently, they meet at 12 noon on the third Thursday of the month.  Email Nancy for more info:
A Rally of Writers
25th annual event in Lansing takes place on Saturday, April 14, 2012.  Fiction, poetry, travel writing, essay and more.  Visit the website for details:
Springfed Arts
Ongoing events and workshops for songwriting, poetry and more.
The Annual Rochester Writers' Conference
Will be held on a Saturday in October again this year.  We are reviewing our options of dates and venues - stay tuned - you may see what we did last year at:

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Technology that will change publishing

This should get you excited!

In case you missed Apple's recent I-Pad announcement (, they were hawking their latest entry into the marketplace.

While it looks like a big I-Phone, the I-Pad will do most, if not all the things the I-Phone will do, as well as give Amazon's Kindle and Sony's e-Reader a run for their money. Right now, the price of an I-Pad (just under $500) is approximately twice that of either of the Amazon/Sony offerings but I suspect that this will change. Historically Apple has lowered their price expectations over the year following market entry when competitors produced comparable devices. Granted, Apple's device appears to offer more than current e-Readers so price erosion may not occur.

At any rate, I think this is another step toward paperless books, particularly as the younger texting-savvy generations evolve into full-fledged consumers. Publishers salivate for that time as it will eliminate the bulk of the "paper-and-ink" costs while warehousing/distribution (and associated) costs evaporate in the face of an electronic version of Print-On-Demand (POD).

In the end, publishers stand to gain a lot from the new technology. Let's hope some of the gains get passed on to writers.



Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Writers - Things of interest

Member Jack Sailor submitted a summary of resources available from the Troy Library web site. Among other things, the library's Tech Support Department provides some Resources for Kids as well as sites provided some 5,000 FREE Fonts. Check it out!
This week --
  • The Freelancers' Marketplace meets Tuesday night at their new location - Borders/Rochester Road
  • The Brimingham-Troy Writers meet Thursday night at the Troy Library
  • The Writers' Connection meets Tuesday night at their new location - Panera Bread/Rochester Road
Please check the Events Calendar section on the blog for time and other details
A start your day off with a smile, little humor item (from LaughtItOut) has been added to the blog -- here is a sample
There Is Always A Cheap and Easy Way of Getting Things Done

Jimmy went to a psychiatrist.

"Doc," he said, "I've got trouble. Every time I get into bed, I think there's somebody under it. I'm going crazy!"

"Just put yourself in my hands for one year," said the shrink. "Come to me three times a week, and I'll cure your fears."

How much do you charge?"

"A hundred dollars per visit."

I'll sleep  
on it," said Jimmy.

Six months later the doctor 
met Jimmy on the street.

"Why didn't you ever come to see me again?" asked the psychiatrist.

"For a hundred bucks a visit? A bartender cured me for $10."

"Is that so! How?"

"He told me to cut the legs 
off the bed! Ain't nobody under there now!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Things of interest from the Troy Library

While perusing the Troy Library site, I found that their Tech Deparment identifed a number of interesting things that I thought I would summarize a little here. For more, I suggest you check out the library web site 


A Great Website for Kids

The Library of Congress website is packed with fascinating and useful resources about science, American History, music, theater, dance and more. Did you ever wonder why a camel has a hump or why our joints make popping sounds? Click on, play around, learn something.


Thousands of Free Fonts from and

You know one of the things I love most about the Internet?

All the free stuff.

Like, which offers 6,500 fonts for free at  

Or (, with 8,431 fonts arranged by themes: Gothic, Fancy, Script, Techno, and Dingbats, among others.

Now, if you design material as part of your job, this is like finding gold at the end of the rainbow so browse these sites as I am sure you will find several fonts you like.


BookPage Offers Free Book Reviews On-line

Are you an avid reader, looking for reviews of the best books published? Then you might want to check out BookPage.

Since 1988, BookPage has been publishing a monthly, print edition, available in many bookstores and libraries, including here at Troy. Now, BookPage is available as a free, on-line publication at

Each month, recommends the best books for readers of all types, whether you're interested in literary fiction or romance, history or science fiction, cookbooks or children's books. It focuses on new releases and tailors reviews for the general reader -- the true booklover always on the lookout for recommendations on what to read next.

And now, you can receive twice-monthly BookPage news and reviews delivered to you via email


Highlighting a Sample of Other Resources available at the Library
Literature and Reading

Book Review Digest Plus
Over 10,000 reviews of fiction and non-fiction books for children, young adults and adults from 1983 to present.

Hand Press Book
Catalog of European printing in the early modern era or "hand-press period" (15th century to the 1830s). This resource integrates descriptive records for major European national, university and research library holdings. It is especially valuable for research in intellectual history, social history and transmission of thought—as well as the history of printing and the history of the book.

Literature Resource Center
Biographical information, overviews, literary criticism and reviews on nearly 130,000 writers in all disciplines, from all time periods around the world.

Lit Finder
Poems, short stories, essay, speeches and plays covering all time periods and nationalities.

MagillOnLiterature Plus
Critical analyses and plot summaries of the most studied works in literature along with information on authors of long and short fiction, poetry, drama and philosophy.

Michigan Authors and Illustrators
A database of Michigan authors and illustrators. Provides biographical and contact information. Indicates whether person will do library presentations.

Reader's advisory service that helps users locate new fiction books based on books they have read or topics in which they are interested.  Includes reviews from 1996-present, book discussion guides, book talks and web links.  

Novelist Plus
Reader's advisory service that helps users locate new, readable (narrative)  non-fiction books based on books they have read or topics in which they are interested.  Includes reviews from 1996-present, book discussion guides, book talks and web links.  

Scribner Writers Series
Signed essays on more than 2,000 authors and literary genres.

Twayne's Authors Series
Signed essays on the works of American, English and world authors.

What's Next
Online guide to Books in Series from Kent District Library

What Do I Read Next?
Search by genre, subject, author, title or series to help uncover new reading adventures, find long-remembered favorites and discover award-winning titles.


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